Smoke Detector Installation & Replacement in Austin, TX

Whether you’re looking to install new smoke detectors as part of a new construction, or you need to change out your existing alarms, our experts are here to help you set up your devices safely and efficiently. Call your licensed electricians at Service Arrow for immediate smoke detector installation or replacement. We serve homeowners throughout Austin and surrounding areas.

Choosing the Best Type of Smoke Detector for Your Home

Smoke detectors are available in three types: ionization, photoelectric, and dual-sensor.

Ionization: This device features an ionization chamber; if smoke enters the chamber, it interrupts the flow of ions and triggers the alarm. Ionization detectors respond more readily to flaming fires. 

Photoelectric: If there is a fire, smoke will cause light to reflect on the sensor and trigger the alarm. Photoelectric smoke detectors are best at responding to smoldering fires. 

Dual-sensor: This is the recommended choice for most households. Dual-sensor alarms feature both ionization and photoelectric technology, providing greater protection against any type of fire. 

Our team is happy to discuss the different smoke detector options in detail, and help you choose the best device for your home. We can install devices that you’ve previously purchased, or we can supply you with quality products from trusted manufacturers.

Residential Smoke Detector Requirements in Austin

According to Texas Property Code, there should be a smoke detector in every bedroom and every level of a home (if your home has more than one story); at least one smoke detector needs to be installed outside each bedroom (or in a central hallway that accommodates all bedrooms in that area). 

The experts at Service Arrow can help you identify the appropriate smoke detector installation sites and set up your new devices according to code and manufacturer guidelines.

Smoke Detector Testing and Maintenance

To make sure your smoke detectors continue to work efficiently, monthly testing is recommended. Simply push the “test” button on the device to hear the alarm sound. If the alarm fails to come on after pushing the test button, try replacing the batteries; if that still doesn’t work, the problem may be caused by faulty wiring and will need professional service. 

It’s a good idea to replace your smoke detectors every 10 years, and the batteries once a y

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