Outlet Installation in Austin, TX

The average home and commercial property has several electronics, appliances, and equipment running simultaneously. If your current electrical system isn’t powerful enough to handle all of these devices and equipment, it can cause outlets to overload and potentially result in fires. If your outlet is burned or already melted, don’t try to use it; this can cause arcing, which can lead to a fire. 

Make sure damaged or outdated outlets are replaced by a professional electrician. Call the experts at Service Arrow. We provide full-service electrical repairs, replacements, and upgrades, including outlet installation and replacement throughout Austin. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and make an appointment for immediate service.

Replacing Two-Prong Outlets

GFCI Outlet Installation and Replacement

Areas of your home that have water present will require GFCI outlets. These include your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, pool area, and even your garage if it has a sink. 

GFCI outlets will help you avoid getting electrocuted by accident. For example, if your hair dryer slips into a filled sink or bathtub, the GFCI outlet will react to the change in current and automatically trip. 

Our licensed electricians will make sure your new GFCI outlets are installed or replaced safely.

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Whether you need to upgrade from two-prong to three-prong outlets, replace a GFCI outlet, or you’re looking to install a specific kind of outlet to fit your needs, you can count on Service Arrow to provide you with the right solution. 

Other Types of Outlets You Can Install

Looking for a certain type of outlet to meet your household’s or your business’s particular needs? Ask us about the following:

We can also help you install tamper-resistant outlets (for households with children) as well as cable outlets. No matter what kind of outlet you need, the experts at Service Arrow have you covered.

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