Lighting Installation & Replacement in Austin, TX

We Have All of Your Lighting Needs Covered

Call Service Arrow to consult with our Austin lighting installation experts. We will discuss your particular needs and preferences, and help you narrow down your lighting options.

When choosing your new fixtures, think in terms of what you want your new lighting to accomplish for you.

Do you want lighting that can help you complete certain tasks easily?

We can direct you to task lighting solutions. Task lighting focuses on a particular spot to help you get chores or tasks done much more easily. An example of task lighting is a pendant light in the living room or den that helps with reading.

Do you want to draw attention to a particular element in your home?

If you have beautiful decorations or paintings that deserve to be highlighted, consider installing accent lighting. Track lights are best for putting your accent pieces in the best light.

Do you want to give your home some extra personality?

We can help you install decorative lighting, which includes pendant lights, wall sconces, and chandeliers. The right decorative lighting fixture can dramatically enhance the aesthetic of a particular room and become a conversation piece when guests are over.

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