Leak Detection Services in Austin, TX

Your indoor water lines can develop leaks due to a variety of factors. The most common causes of pipe leaks include freezing temperatures (particularly if pipes are not properly insulated) and pipe decay due to age or hard water. No matter the cause of the leak, a damaged pipe can quickly lead to plumbing emergencies if it’s not handled in time. 

To avoid unexpected plumbing issues or flooding in your home, we recommend scheduling immediate leak detection as soon as you notice any problems with your plumbing. 

Service Arrow performs noninvasive leak detection in Austin and surrounding areas. Reach out today and get your plumbing problem resolved safely and efficiently!

Warning Signs of a Hidden Pipe Leak

With hidden pipe leaks, it’s often difficult to tell that you have this problem since the leak is developing behind your walls or underneath your home (in the case of a slab leak). It’s not uncommon for homeowners to finally find out about the leak months or years later. 

Fortunately, there are easy ways to tell if you have a hidden water leak. Look out for these warning signs:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for early leak detection and repair. Call Service Arrow today to discuss your problem with our team and receive immediate service in the Greater Austin area. 

Get Leaks Detected and Repaired Immediately

Why is early water leak detection crucial? Leaks signal pipe deterioration or damage. If your pipes are old and brittle enough, they can suddenly burst if temperatures drop too low, or if you accidentally mishandle pipes during a DIY project. 

And unlike faucet leaks, a leaking water pipe can result in mold growth and affect your health, ruin your floors and walls, or even cause structural damage to your home.

Noninvasive Leak Detection Methods

Our professional leak detection methods are noninvasive; there’s no need to open your walls or flooring. The following technology allows us to accurately pinpoint hidden leaks:

Acoustic devices: This method can differentiate the sounds of regular water flow and leaks. Acoustic leak detectors can trace leaks through any kind of pipe material, including plastic pipes. 

Infrared technology: This is often used to complement acoustic devices. Infrared cameras are able to locate leaks through water movement and temperatures. 

Tracer gas: This is typically used to locate leaks in underground pipes that are buried too deep for acoustic and infrared equipment to work accurately. What we will use instead is tracer gas (nitrogen and hydrogen) that is inserted into the pipeline; where the gas eventually escapes is where we will find the leak. 

After confirming the leak, we will go over the extent of the problem and determine whether your home needs a full repipe, or if just a section of your pipes need to be replaced. 

Schedule professional water leak detection services in Austin.

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