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Is Backflow Prevention Required for Every Home in Austin?

Most commercial establishments are often required to have backflow prevention assemblies installed. But in some cases residential properties will need to have this device installed as well, particularly if your home has the following:

The systems above can result in cross-connections and potentially contaminate your potable water supply. Our experts will help you install the right type of backflow prevention assembly and make sure your new system is set up according to code. The types of backflow prevention assemblies we install include double check and lead-free reduced pressure principle assemblines.

What’s Backflow and How Does It Occur?

Backflow is when wastewater flows in the reverse direction and mixes with your clean water supply. Backflow is caused by either backpressure or backsiphonage.

Backpressure: Imbalances in water pressure can result in backpressure. This occurs when your plumbing system’s water pressure is greater than that of the municipal system. When backpressure occurs, wastewater from your plumbing system enters the municipal line and can contaminate the drinking water of your surrounding area.  

Backsiphonage: This is similar to backpressure. With backsiphonage, contaminated water can flow into the city’s drinking water due to a break in the water main, or if a fire hydrant is opened illegally. 

Because of the risks of backpressure and backsiphonage, backflow prevention assemblies and regular testing are crucial to the safety of the communit

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